2017: Project Homeless Connect

From left: Crissy Reid, Vicki Herlihy, Jeanne Kennedy, Laura Scott, Sharon Campbell, Bryan Scott

Project Homeless Connect is an annual program supported by the United Way of Central Maryland.  It provides on-site services for the Baltimore homeless community.  Thousands of families and individuals facing homelessness received medical exams, legal advice, dental and vision services, healthy food and clothing items and much more, all in one day, and at one location.

Hope Returned raised and donated $5,000 to the 2017 Project Homeless Connect program. According to Aparna Nagaraju, LGSW, Project Manager for Project Homeless Connect, these funds were used to purchase healthy food items that were distributed at the event.  The funds were also used for items in giveaway bags, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash and socks.

In addition to donating funds, Hope Returned put together a team of volunteers to help on-site the day of the event. These volunteers were paired with homeless and at-risk participants and acted as guides to help access services and goods throughout the day.

Great job Team Hope, and thank you to Hope Director Jeanne Kennedy, CPA, Vice President and Corporate Treasurer for CareFirst, Inc., for chairing our project!