2016: Health Care for the Homeless Diabetes 2 Initiative

Health Care for the Homeless

The Hope Returned 2016 fundraiser is for the benefit of Health Care For The Homeless, a leading provider of comprehensive health-related services for homeless adults and children.  Health Care For The Homeless (HCH) works to prevent and end homelessness for vulnerable individuals and families. It works to provide this community with quality, integrated health care and to promote access to affordable housing through direct service, advocacy and community engagement. HCH delivers pediatric, adult, and geriatric medical care, mental health services, social work, case management, addiction treatment, dental and vision care, HIV services, outreach, supportive housing, and access to education and employment for thousands of Baltimore City residents.

Hope Director Jeanne Kennedy has taken on the need to help HCH tackle the problem of Type 2 Diabetes and homelessness.  Type 2 Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death and a major contributor to cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of U.S. deaths.  When poorly controlled, it negatively affects many organs, including heart, blood vessels, eyes and kidneys.  Approximately 10% of the people HCH serves suffer from diabetes.  In 2015, HCH served approximately 1,000 clients with Type 2 diabetes.

Ms. Kennedy has identified a need at HCH and Hope Returned will help to provide funding for the uninsured portion of one year’s worth of:

  • Educational materials that educate and motivate homeless diabetic clients to control their disease
  • Lifesaving glucometer testing strips to help monitor and control blood glucose levels
  • Insulin medication to control blood sugar levels

Hope Returned is proud to provide Health Care for the Homeless with a check for $11,700 to support their Type 2 Diabetes Initiative

Additionally, Hope Returned will work to provide HCH with a supply of starter kits that provide the homeless with initial essential items when placed into a safe home environment. We will also work together to use this as a catalyst to establish long-term partnerships between HCH and medical supply companies, insurance providers, and other local organizations industry to provide sustainable funding to meet the diabetic medical supply needs of our homeless community.

Image: Health Care for the Homeless